The station was off the air tonight.  Some trong turned the transmitter off, but not back on.  Fear not!  We diligently recorded a show for you, the Videodrome faithful!

Click here to listen to the show.  (Click here for more downloading options.)

On tonight’s show:

James Williamson & The Careless Hearts
– Videodrome On-the-Go: James Williamson & The Careless Hearts perform Raw Power

Mad Men Season 3 Episode 3
– Mad Men: Season 3, Episode 3

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan (2008) – As reviewed by B.K.: “It’s not good, but it’s funny.”

The Beatles Rockband
The Beatles Rock Band inspired some very Videodrome versions of Rock Band…

– Interesting Death of the Week with B.K.: Mr. Percival – Pelican, actor… seriously.

– Disney buys Marvel: Why you won’t see Spider-Man in It’s A Small World anytime soon.

Champions Online

Champions Online launches

Cruisin' The Bird
– Tonight’s Score: Bobby Hutcherson’s Cruisin’ The Bird


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