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On tonight’s show:

Iron Man 2 (Shot in Glaucomascope) (2010)  Mr. Salamander & Hank agree this was some of the most fun we’ve had reviewing a movie.  Apparently we confused quite a few listeners.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Story (2007) by The Extinct Attractions Club

– Sharks defeat Red Wings and advance to the Western Conference Finals!

Street Fighter: Legacy (2010)

Puppet Master announced for Blu-Ray!

– Criterion Blu-Ray Announcements come by way of Amazon.  A case of jumping the gun?  Check out these date movies: Antichrist, The Seven Samurai, The Thin Red Line, and VIDEODROME!

– Interesting Death of the Week with B.K.: Leslie Buck – Creator of the Anthor coffee cup pictured above.  (Amphora? Anthora.);
Kama Chinen – formerly the oldest living person on Earth; Gunter Wendt – NASA space shuttle official door closer.  Seriously.

– Tonight’s score: Klaus Badelt’s score to Pirates of the Caribbean


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